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Power meter has arrived!

The power meter I ordered arrived this week. Another exciting bit of kit to play with 🙂
I decided to go for the Power2Max one. It was a fairly easy decision. I couldn't justify a four figure price so it was this or the Stages. As I've got a Rotor crankset the choice was made for me.
Fitting it was a piece of cake. The package came with the tool to take the spider off the crank and allow me to fit the Power2Max spider in its place. It took about 15 minutes. Must remember to pick up some loctite and make sure the bolts don't come undone mid ride.
Any so whats the first thing to do when you've fitted a power meter. Yes, go through 20 minutes of pain and suffering to try and figure out your FTP. Fortunately help was at hand in the form of the Sufferfest videos now available on Strava. So on it went and I mentally prepared myself for what was to come. Bear in mind that in previous years of doing events, one of the parts of training I was particularly bad at was pushing myself right to the limit hence the trepidation. This year I need to increase my pain threshold.
An hour later and out popped a number. 228.
Over the coming weeks I'll be aiming to see how normal training rides match up to that figure. I've got six weeks before a holiday enforces some training down time so I'll retest just before then and see how I'm doing. The training is going to be based around aerobic endurance and tempo levels so based on that test aerobic endurance will be between 150 and 175 watts with tempo between 175 and 205.

2 thoughts on “Power Meter

  1. Jimbo

    The Sufferfest sounds horrible. Is it worse than the dark, dark place near Crickhowell?

    1. niel_admin Post author

      It was a dark dark place indeed. Still, beats going out into the gale force winds.


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