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How I do my blog postings (or testing out image posting using

As well as being a part-time amateur cyclist I'm also a bit of a geek (those who know me may say that is an understatement). So from time to time I shall deviate from the cycling topics and post about some nerdery or other. Today I'm going to write about my workflow for creating and posting a blog entry. Mainly so I can try out the image loading workflow.

Let's start with hardware. I'm a mac user. Have been for nine years now. I find I'm more productive on OS X than in windows. For me that's down to the ability to automate all the ways of working a lot easier. I'll talk about that in some depth in a later post. So in terms of writing a blog post its either the MacBook/iMac it it's the iPad. When I sat down and started thinking about this blog I wanted to see how well an iPad couch be used for content creation, FTP uploading etc etc. So I've exclusively used the iPad so far.

My geek research also led me to look into using Markdown as a way of simple text formatting that can easily be converted to HTML without me needing to learn HTML code. It works across platform should I decide to use something other than my iPad and as the actual documents are human readable text files it makes it easy for me to manage.

Now on to the software. This is the key part of the workflow. I'm using an app called Editorial. At first glance this is a nice text editor. A clutter free screen, support for Markdown, preview mode and a built in browser. The magic part is it's automation support. It has a range of built in actions and can run python scripts for more advanced workflows. Go to the website and there is a user library of workflows and scripts available to download and install. I have used a few of these to create a simple yet effective blog posting workflow. Text is written in the editor. Websites I want to link to can be found in the browser then an action auto creates a link in the post. When I'm ready to publish, another action takes care if connecting to my website and posting it to the WordPress engine running there. I've now found an action that should allow me to insert images and links and upload it all to the website. So here's a random picture!

Its a few friends of mine at a recent trip to Coed Y Brenin.

I've barely scratched the surface of what can be done with Editorial. I'll try and uncover some new uses over the coming months and talk about them here.

Next post will see normal service resume with some biking talk.

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