Finally Some Sun

Finally some sun and a ride with no floods

At long last we seem to being seeing an end to the miserable weather that has been the English winter so far. My ride on Sunday was actually sunny! It made such a pleasant change from the gale force winds an driving rain that was my ride home from work on Saturday.

Mind you, it was still very cold and windy. So cold I had finally had enough of feet like blocks of ice. So I went and bought these:

The weather will, undoubtedly, change for the better now. You can all thank me in advance.

Meanwhile, weekday training is very much focused on the turbo trainer. I'm trying to build up as much base as I can before the first event of the season so I'm focussing on aerobic endurance levels for an hour with one 2×20 tempo session a week. My all out 20 ,impute effort has not shown any improvement, mainly due to the first repeat benign done when I was I'll and the second repeat being done in miserable cold wet weather which was less than motivating. However at endurance and tempo levels I have seen around a 10-20 watt increase for the same perceived effort. Two weeks to go before a holiday so I'll push on through and test again properly when I'm back. Then it's only two weeks to Paris – Roubaix, the aforementioned first event of the season.

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