Well that’s the prologue over and done. What a painful and intense 13 minutes of riding. The results are as follows:

Ian – 25th place – 12-26
Simon – 27th place – 12-27
Niel – 97th place – 13-03

A fantastic start for Team Hurt Route. We are currently in the rarefied air of 11th place in the team standings. I think there was a lot of sandbagging going on today and we all expect to plummet down the rankings tomorrow. Still, Ian was only 3 seconds behind Emma Pooley, former women’s world time trial champion and I was 8 seconds ahead of Chrissie Wellington, 4 time world Iron Man women’s champion. Where else could you get to ride and compete with world class elite athletes. Awesome.

It was a bit of a strange day. A lot of people milling around, trying not to spend money on kit, spending 11-17 minutes at full chat on the bike, all the while thinking of the next day. At points I just wanted to get on with the big rides. The prologue was great fun though. Well except for the crash I had trying to mount a pavement 5 minutes before the prologue. Doh! Amateur hour. Good job I brought a spare derailleur hanger as the old one got proper mangled. Anyway now major injuries, nothing a good bit of Sudocrem can’t fix.

I have to mention the organization of this event. So far it’s been fantastic. It’s clearly a step above even the best one day events. My prologue time was available on the website within seconds of finishing, team photos were automatically posted to my facebook page within 15 minutes of them being taken. The logistics of getting all our bags from hotel to hotel must be challenging to say the least.

Anyway, the fun of today is now over and tomorrow the real business starts. 130km from Geneva to Megeve. Three cols, two of which look pretty tough and one not too bad. Ian and Simon set off in the first group after their fast rides today and I’ll be in group too. Looking forward to it with excitement and not a little nervousness.

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